“In its fledgling state, the Foundation values the smallest inputs or feedbacks in our attempt to ensure good karma experiences for our clients and NGOs. We look forward to candid feedbacks. The testimonials received after some events are listed. Even if you haven’t traveled with Le Passage to India, or been part of an event facilitated by Shaping Lives, we would welcome your views and suggestions after perusal of this website.”

‘Testimonials are essential. It has always been our practice to ensure that instead of writing how visitors felt, we just share photo-shots of what they themselves wrote. Its honest authentic feedback that way and it allows our well-wishers and potential clients to check veracity or be convinced by what is on display, date wise, visit wise, client wise. The three pages you see above are visits to Project Arman, Nizamudin. International Groups and FITs have visited and so have our company colleagues on their compulsory afternoon community service as part of the responsible tourism program our Company follows. Parvathy retired last year, but came in for an afternoon, bringing a huge cache of library books. Our CFO, Mr. Lalit Mehra did his compulsory CSR on 05 Jul too and his words are on the register below.’


“French ISEFAC Group of HR Professionals and students at Ladli Vocational Centre, Jaipur 28 Feb 2018”


“Our German and Australian guests at Arman on 26 Feb 2018.

  “While each visitor appreciated the work being done at Deepalaya School for Children with Disabilities, it was important to understand the remark by Prabagarane on the plastic waste at the entrance to this school in the Sanjay Colony slum. It is community clutter and not the NGO’s responsibility but, both the Deepalaya management and the local environmentalists endeavor to clean up this government piece of land regularly. The local slum population, however, continue to throw their waste despite counselling and cleaning drives. One day we hope to convert this land into a park for the children.’
  A lot of water flown down compassion street these past few months. We have received numerous feedbacks from the visitors. While each word on this web page is true and honest, as GM, Shaping Lives, I thought I would just change the perspective and give it to our readers as photo-shots.

The first one to start with is the student volunteer group from Brunswick College, Australia. We then have visitors and esteemed clients from across the world and our own city, visiting Project Arman, Nizamudin.
  Message from Mr Walter Buehrer, the Tour Group Leader which visited Deepalaya on 25 Oct 2017, "Dear Anil, Thank You very much for your mail and for the photos you sent me. I will transfer them to the group as a souvenir of our visit with You. It was for all of us a very moving experience. We are impressed of the work done to give underprivileged children a future.
Thanks and good luck. May God bless You.
Walter Buehrer
(Mr Buehrer was so deeply touched that he had moist eyes as he bid final goodbye to Col Anil Alagh, GM - Shaping Lives after the visit)
  Message from Jack Robert Hardman, who with his comapnion Harriete, spent two mornings at Umang and the afternoons at Ladli, Jaipur, courtesy Shaping Lives, on 31 Jul and 01 Aug, "Dear Col Anil, Thank you so much for arranging everything, they were two lovely days. Both do incredible work in their own way and were so welcoming - it was touching. We will be helping Umang buy a new classroom board and donating a very good sum to Ladli when we return to England. Seeing their work up close made it quite easy to commit to more financially. We had a crazy start to our week - we got stuck in flash floods at Varanasi. All our luggage was soaked and smelly, my phone got destroyed so I couldn't contact anyone, and we missed our flights to Jaipur so were nearly stuck. We made it in the end!! Thanks again, Jack
  Dr. Richard Heaton, who came back escorting the Old Swinford Hospital's second lot of volunteers after 2015 wrote in to say, "Hi Anil. Jas (Jasbir kainth, the other teacher) and I just wanted to thank you again for all of the help and support you offered during our visit to Deepalaya. It was very much appreciated and helped all of us to get so much from our time there. This morning I gave an envelope addressed to the Deepalaya Special School to the Le Passage to India representative Shivam. It contained an additional 4000Rp donation. I'd be grateful if you or could check with the school to see if it got there. It d go via Rajiv. 
Your kind heart and your generosity was recognised by our students. You are a true gentleman. Thank you once again. Richard and Jasbir Hopefully see you in 2019! Good health to you and your family.
(P.S. The money mentioned was handed over to Deepalya and receipt sent to Richard)

Good Morning Col Anil,

Great to hear from you.  We have all arrived back safely and well, although the teacher who was with team two was quite unwell upon our return. I have been home a few days now and catching up on some rest and quality time with my wife who has just returned from a school trip in Japan. I have only just checked my emails, hence the late reply.  I don’t return to school until the 17th and then the students return on the 24th  as we are on our mid-year break now, so I will get students to send through a few reflections on their trip once they return.
On a personal note  I am most grateful  for having the opportunity to spend time with you and your team (family)and to  see first-hand the wonderful genuine work you are doing empowering and bringing joy back to the lives of so many young people. Your children were such happy souls and reinforced the notion that I have always believed,  which is that   “Joy is not in things, it is in Us”.   Seeing the children so happy and focussed on their learning and the way the staff interact and relate to these lovely young people is a credit to you and your program and all the kind caring genuine people involved.
You guys were so welcoming from the moment we set foot in the place and we all wish we could have spent a lot more time with you assisting and supporting you in a greater way. As I said on the last night we were there, we are much richer for the experience and I along with the students will take away fond memories  and a greater understanding and appreciation for what we have.  I know that our students will also become better global citizens and compassionate people with a greater desire to serve others in the world as a direct result of their experience and time spent with you and your extended family.
We experienced many blessings during our time spent with you.  the wonderful work that you do is obviously shaping better lives for so many young people in your part of the world. We are grateful to have assisted you in a small way and hope that we can return again sometime soon. You have also helped to significantly shape the lives our students through enabling them to see firsthand how your open hearted team lovingly invest themselves in creating a pathway to happiness for so many young souls.
I am currently sorting through all of my photos and will forward some through to you as soon as I can along with  some reflections from the students once they return to school.
Once again thank you so much for having us and I look forward to seeing you again. Dhanyavaad. Many Blessings.
Paul Enright, Good Shepherd Lutheran College, Noosaville, WA

  Message from Stephanie Sommers, Germany after her second visit to Project Arman
  Dear Col. Anil,

I would like to thank you again for spending time with me.
It was the highlight of my trip to see Project Arman and the wonderful children and your great work again. I will send you the photos once I get back home.
Kind regards, Stephanie
Stephanie Sommer
Grosse Horst 33
22337 Hamburg
  Message from Isabelle, Tour Leader of Time Tours Antalis First Group
  Hi Dear Anil,

Thank you so much for this fantastic moment with the children and your team. Special thanks to Mrs Abha Goswani for her initiative, passion and great food she prepared, the best paneer we had the chance to savor J?. We came back home yesterday morning with head filled with memories. We all loved our trip and for many of us we’ll come back to India for sure! All the best for the foundation and the future. Kind regards,

Antalis Group. Isabelle Lombard-Iglesias, Product Manager, Antalis International, 8 rue de Seine, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt
  Message from Catherine, Tour Leader of Time Tours Antalis Second Group

Dear Anil,

I am very sorry for the delay in replying to your very kind message and beautiful pictures which I have shared with the other members of the group.
Thank you very much for the warm welcome extended to us both in Jaipur and Agra. You and your teams are doing a remarkable job and we could see from the children’s smiles and attitudes that they have found a safe shelter and a family spirit. We very much appreciated the delicious lunch and top service at Jaipur, a big thank you again to the young ladies for their nice attention, it was a memorable visit for all of us.
Share our best wishes and kind regards with your teams and all the children.
Take care,

Catherine Devineau
International Customers Development Manager
8 rue de Seine, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Message from Lyn Barber, Different Travel Volunteer Group


Dear Anil,

What a lovely note you have written and Jill has forwarded to us all. Thank you so much.
It was a great experience and truly fulfilling to spend time at Child Inn with the wonderful little boys and to have the opportunity to prepare vegetables; garden; and go to the school and help serve the lunches. We won’t forget it in a long while.
We realise that you personally had a great deal to do with deciding the mix of what we would do – and it could not have been better! Thank you again.
I don’t know if you know but 2 years ago I gave Prabhakar some money from Chris (who was not with us that time) and asked that it be put towards growing vegetables. I discovered from Prabhakar’s son, Charu, on this trip that his money had in fact started the kitchen garden at Mahapura! So, we were thrilled to see it in such wonderful condition!

Thank you again, Anil, for arranging such a wonderful experience – our challenge now is to not forget I-India and to do something. However, small, towards raising some much-needed funds.
I hope we will meet again.
Kindest regards
Lyn Barber

  Extract from Richard Evans’ blog on Different Travel Volunteer Experience

The Project
This time our work was to be more varied, and we were to meet more people across a greater variety of venues, but we did have one major task to complete, and that was to paint the interior rooms and furniture of Child Inn, the boys’ school-house in Jaipur. This was where we headed on the morning of day one.

We were greeted by familiar faces; Prabhakar, and his wife Abha, who set up the. Hadith i-India, and also their son, Charu and his wife, Darshna, who are similarly committed to the charity. Our host and co-ordinator was again the venerable Colonel Anil, who's charm and sense of order was once again to keep us in the right place, doing the right things, throughout the course of the project.

Prabakhar welcomed us with a story of Child Inn, which had been donated in 1999 by a group of Doctors from The Netherlands. It houses children, some of whom have been rescued from bonded labour houses, where they work with no natural light for 18 hours a day, often for no pay at all. Others are simply homeless and are found on the streets, or often at railway stations. Sometimes the kids jump on a train, and suddenly it starts moving. They are unable to get off, and when eventually they do, once it comes to a stop, they are instantly lost.

I-India rescues these kids, feeds them, educates them and house them until they are eighteen, when they are ready to take their place in society. Some of them even come back to the charity, to give back, one they are trained in their chosen field. It is truly awe-inspiring, and these individuals who give their lives up to save others' are true heroes. We were equally moved by his speech and by the smiling faces of the children. We were told that they would take their time to get used to us, but it wasn't really the case. They readily welcomed us with smiles, even hugs, and soon the toughest of souls had surrendered to these adorable, welcoming children.

We heard that the very morning we arrived at the school house, twenty children were just starting their journeys, accompanied by i-India volunteers, back to their villages, and their families having been rescued from the streets, fed, housed and literally given a second chance in life.

The very same day, in the afternoon eight children who had been recently rescued, were to arrive at the school, to start a new life, where food, water, shelter and love were going to be new features in their lives. Seeing the work they do, seeing the whites of i-India's eyes... It really does put our lives in perspective.

"Give us work to do - Let us help!" That's all we could say, it’s all we could do. But by jingo, by crickey! we were going to give it our hearts and our souls.

We split into two groups, each with a room to paint, and lockers and beds to paint. Some of the school kids joined us, helped us, or simply enjoyed us being around. We broke for masala chai at times, and at lunch we enjoyed the cooking of the charity's kitchens and ate our body weight in chapati, dahl and aloo jeera, whilst chatting away, proud of what we were achieving in the midst of such honorable people.

The day flew by and we managed to achieve our target of putting enough coats of paint on the walls, and getting the beds and lockers painted too. We fell into the coach, all visibly satisfied to have burned some calories and put in a shift after 8 days of Indian indulgence. 

One unforgettable story was told by Charu, when I asked him if he was aware of the film, Lion. He then shared their very own "lion story." Some weeks ago, a small boy was rescued from the streets by Jaipur railway station. He was six years old. It appeared that he had been living in a rural town near a railway station, and had had the misfortune of being on a train when it started moving. He ended up, lost, at Jaipur station. I-India rescued him, but he was inconsolably upset that he had lost his big brother, who was clearly back at the rural station, and there was no way they could possibly find him. Then, one morning, after about two weeks, the boys started smiling. It turned out that his nine year old brother was walking through the gates of the Child Inn where i-India was looking after the young boy. He, too had somehow ended up in Jaipur, had been rescued by i-India, and by some extraordinary quirk of fate, the two boys had been re-united at Child Inn.

They now live together again, and are commencing a new happy start for themselves.
(Tears all round, followed by hugs as we met these two young boys). I-India truly rocks!

 Arriving back at the hotel, we all took in a cold beer to whet our whistles, draw a line under the day, and reward ourselves for earning a thirst, as opposed to recent habits of simply developing one. 

I now find myself at the end of Tuesday afternoon, on the way back to the haveli, having spent quite an extraordinary day peeling back the layers of the world of i-India. I am emotionally drained, and yet fired with motivational energy. 

I have witnessed scenes of abject poverty, and yet feel richer for the experience. 
I have been greeted with warmth and appreciation like never before and yet I feel I have done so little. Let me try to catalogue this unique day.

Our first stop was back at our playground in Mahapura that we built in 2015. Sadly, termites have run rampage through the structures, and all but the steel totem pole have been hugely damaged by their insatiable appetites. The play area has been declared unsafe for play, which is a huge shame, but we were assured that the local children got nearly two years of use from it before the termites took over. On the upside, the area has been transformed into a successful market garden, which contributes towards the food required by the kitchens to prepare one thousand meals a day! 

We spent the better part of the morning preparing vegetables, rolling out chapatis, picking chilies, planting seedlings, watering, and anything that the team of local volunteers would have us do to lighten the load. I'm not entirely sure that our efforts in the kitchen was actually assisting or impeding their progress, but I'm pretty sure that we'd contributed a little uniqueness to the day, if nothing else. Our contributions in the garden were less debatable however as we laid several seedlings and had several pots of chilies, and tomatoes to bring back to the kitchen as evidence of our toil.

Refreshed on ‘chaach’, we travelled to Bagru, a rural slum colony, inhabited largely by nomadic Indian migrants. 

We had travelled away from the main roads, down dirt tracks and had reached an area that was so far away from the hustle and bustle of Indian life, that it seemed entirely detached. This was the home of the poorest people; no concrete huts, no paved roads, no infrastructure. Just raised areas made from mud and concrete, with sheets held up by wood poles, taken straight from the tree. Cooking was done from a fire that was made in a small pit dug into the floor. 

The people were living on the edge of existence, barely able to clothe themselves, yet as we walked through the shanty town, we were not greeted with stares and menacing looks. We were greeted with smiles. I-India visits these people every day, and brings them food. There is a small school house about the size of a double-garage. In it sit around 60 kids, in dirty clothes, their hair, faces and skin dull with dust and dirt, but their big eyes are bright and shining as they recite English words and numbers called out by their dedicated teachers, who also come here every day to help the children develop basic educational skills. The parents allow their children to come to school from 11-1, and in return, their children get fed by i-India.

Without i-India, these children would go without education, and very likely food. They would work alongside the rest of their families, making trinkets to sell in the streets, and that would be the story of their existence, until the cycle repeats itself.

Our appreciation and respect for this amazing organisation and its people fires up once again, as we meet the school children, and feed them their lunch on this humbling day. 

We remark that as these children sit on the floor of their classroom being served chapati, dahl and a vegetable curry on steel plates, not a single one of them starts their meal until everyone has been served, the teacher has blessed the food and gives the word to eat.

Try getting that at home!
We now move on to Jhag Prem Pathshala,which is the most established 'village' within the i-India set up. Last time, we visited here, we were met by around 70 school children. But Prabakhar and his team have been busy since then. The village now has 400 school children, 300 of which are transported in from the local area, and 100 of which live within the i-India village. There is a junior AND a senior school, all the children are provided bus transport, school uniform, teaching, lunch vocational training and pastoral support. The Indian Government contributes 7%, a successful businessman contributes 1%, and i-India contributes the remaining 92% of all costs.

There are formal school lessons, vocational training, where jewellery and textiles are made for sale. I-India sets up bank accounts for each child so that any revenue from sales can be passed back to the children so they can start to establish financial status for when they are ready to leave, at age eighteen. 

Prabakhar spends the afternoon with us, praising us for giving the children so much happiness, the children perform for us, and we join them on stage as they dance, and we dance with them. Happiness everywhere in this remote village amid the dry, arid fields of Jaipur. 

We simply are over-whelmed by what this fine man and his wife have created; how many souls they have rescued, and set on new paths. We all have one simple question: What more can we do to help them?

We waved and smiled, and danced our way back to the coach and back to our haveli, as dusk approached and whistles begged to be whetted.

Post our regular drinks session in our cloistered accommodation, we took ourselves off to a new dining venue; Shahpura Haveli.

Once again, we were all a just a little bewildered by what we'd seen today. We learn so much from the humblest of people. And today we were met with humility itself.
We came with our pity, and we are leaving with admiration. Admiration and respect. 
So, day three on the Project looms. Tess had taken 4 girls blessed with more than an ounce of creative skill back to Child Inn last night to create the world map template, which needed to dry overnight.

Our task was to decorate one room with an underwater scene, with reeds and tropical fish, and in the other room, to cover the World Map with geographical points of interest, such as animals, famous buildings etc. 

The kids were more comfortable in our company, and also had become aware of what we were doing, so interacting with them was even easier. They came by for a hug, or to help, or to take photos, all the time smiling and wishing to simply be with us. In the mid-morning, we brought down our gifts of clothing, caps, toys, pens etc and handed them out to all the kids. Thankfully, there was plenty left over, to go onto other houses under i-India's care, but each and every one of the kids immediately changed into their new clobber and paraded it around with three pride. Our offerings had been wholly appreciated, and we were as happy as the happiest of them.

We clambered onto bunk beds, stools, and anything we could get our hands on. We traced, we drew, we painted, we stenciled. We worked as hard as we were able, to give these children the best schoolhouse in Jaipur.

And we did it!
The farewell ceremony included wonderful speeches of appreciation and fondness from them, and equally from us. It was such a happy place. We hugged, we danced and we made merry with our new family. Our last gesture was to feed them their evening meal as they sat in neat rows on the floor, and as they ate, we departed; tired and happy.

We had made a difference today, and that's what we had come for.
On returning to our home haveli, we could not pass the garden terrace without a cold beer to quench us. We sat with cold drink in hand as we re-lived the last three days of our outstanding trip. Dinner in was a far more popular choice than having a quick turn around, so we took it easy and sat around our favourite courtyard as one, looking back on something that had clearly affected us all.

India had done it again for us all. Different Travel, and most importantly, Jill had done it again too. We have seen many sights on this trip to India, and we have truly connected with so many of its people. It has been a privilege to be a part of this group. A group that has played together, worked, laughed, eaten, drank, walked, flown and ridden together. Always with a smile, always with an open mind. 

Thank you Jill, for once again making this amazing experience so achievable. Thank you Colonel Anil, our compass and point of reference for all things, thank you Prabhakar, our inspiration, and thank you India, our new love.

  Japanese visit to Salwan Public School
  Dear everyone from Salwan Public School, Prof Tomar and Mr. Col.

Hello from JAPAN. We just got back home in JAPAN. At first, I would like to send BIG THANKS to you on behalf of our group! We all appreciate you so much for welcoming us so warmly for our first visit in INDIA!  All experience and conversation that we had in INDIA was so inspiring!! We've learned lots by visiting your schools and talking with you. From that experience, we all try to make actions to change education field better. Again, thank you so much for having us. DANNYABARD! ARIGATOU!!! (she meant thanks or dhanyavaad as we say in India)
And, what we were so surprised that you are so sincere and kind. We all just love that. It was such a happy trip for us. :)  Dear Prof.Tomar > Thanks for your translation and supporting our meeting!
Dear everyone> When you or your students have chances to come to JAPAN, please let us know. We want to welcome you as well for sure. And I can arrange all visiting in JAPAN for you, too.
Please keep in touch! Best Regards,
Tomoko HANEDA / Afrel Co. Ltd. --- ---
  Mr. Arjun Sharma, Chairman LPTIJ, and the visionary who commenced this tradition of a purely philanthropy filled Foundation Day offered his thoughts, “LPTI Foundation Day celebrations mean a lot to me as it is a great way our Organization can give back to the society in a most beautiful and philanthropic manner. Each colleague gets connected and contributes either directly or indirectly to the various programs and projects we all support.  From passive to active participation, one gets to realize that by unconditional giving or sharing joy, one also receives immense blessings and peace and joy. Collectively all of you have been blessed by all your participation in all our CSR activities.
  Mr. Ramesh Punjabi, our Joint MD and LPTIJ veteran wrote, “Dear Col. Alagh, The foundation day to me means what a child’s birthday means to a parent, this day every year makes me proud to see the growth of the organisation based on discipline / hard work / ethics, participating in blood donation or sharing some time with the children at Gurukul over lunch has been a tradition followed since the inception of the organisation and for me this will remain a ritual for ever. Best regards
  Shivani Gulati, our Manager states, "We do not find a happy life, we make it." Foundation day is one such day for me to join my friends and colleagues in the company to bring happiness in others life. We all contribute in our small ways, and from the tiny drops grows an ocean of love and compassion for the less privileged throughout the day.
I feel great pride in belonging to a Company which spends its Foundation day in such a manner. Between us, we renew our mutual bonding through this wonderful community giving. Regards
  Pravin Kumar, our VP-Vendor management writes, “Foundation means, founding of a nation, but for all of us at LPTIJ, it means the birth of a new ERA in the history of Travel & Tourism for India & Indian sub-continent. We all are extremely passionate about our work, be it for professional reason, so be it for the betterment of the society, in the form of CSR activities. We are privileged to be part of an organization which believes that “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”. There are my thought Col. Sir.
  Mr. Dimple Singh, one of our ED’s wrote, “Every human being, every organisation is preparing for the future all the time. Some try to anticipate it, some prepare for every contingency, and most do a bit of both. One thing is for sure: the future is not going to be what it is supposed to be! For many of us our Foundation Day is the most special day like our birthday and anniversary. We may not remember the other important days in our organisation but we always remember our Foundation Day. This day is special for most of us in many ways and in particular blood donation camp, meeting some adorable children and our Gurukul lunch. For me it’s one of those days, when the usual stuff can wait and I feel some sort of special energy in the office. Rgds.
  Ms Meeta Kalra, another ED but our novice Foundation day participant states, “Hi Col. Alagh,

Good morning! This was my first Foundation Day at LPTI. The felicitation ceremony, visit to Gurukul, spending time with the adorable children, lining up for blood donation are all activities we do either individually or in smaller groups. But on Foundation Day, it is an opportunity to unite and come together as one Team to celebrate the humanity that is all around and in all of us. AT LPTI, CSR is not merely a catch phrase; we don’t just talk about giving back to society, we live it. Best, Meeta

  Neeraj Mathur, our Senior VP, on duty travel penned in a quick note to say, “Dear Sir, Apologies for the delay. I am at Goa port on official work. Foundation day at LPTI means a day of giving back to society. We work day in and day out to earn revenue for the company, and earn salary for ourselves, but this one day we work or support to bring smile on the faces of the people who cannot enjoy life and facilities we all take for granted. Starting from giving Blood and then going to Gurukul and serving Lunch to kids who have come far away from their houses to become something in their life, it is an experience which a person can feel only when he is there and we thank our Organisation to have involved us to be part of such a humble and noble activity. With best regards
  From: Kathryn Price []

Hi, Thank you so much, I sadly couldn’t open the attachment but Laura has just shown me the photos of the orphanage. The team have done an amazing job with all of the help from you. It has been a huge success and thank you for all of your hard work. It would be great to see how it goes at the end of the month. Many thanks …Kathryn
  From: Laura Robinson []

Dear Col. Anil, Wow!! The transformation is quite unbelievable and I am so pleased we were able to send teams to experience working together with the local community to make these changes. Thanks for sending these over, I will send them onto Kathryn/Caroline and the School Support Coordinator.
Kind regards, Laura
  From: Akash Acky Arya .. Dear teachers, First i say to thank you so much to arrival in our country, and the i say to thanks god that he gave this opportunity to us. we really miss all the hard work that is done by you and by your team, we can never forget that moment which you shared with us, that was really amazing, fantastic, beautiful and never forgetting moment. we say thanks to all woodfarm guys to spend this beautiful memories with us and really thanks to give smile on children faces. we played lot of games football, cricket, piggie in the middle, musical chair, and the fantastic birthday celebration, we wish again Happy Birthday to you both Jessica and Frazer. really thanks to world challenge to give this beautiful trip to us,i hope you enjoyed well #AAM,#Food all the things,  really sorry for any mistakes that is done by us. thanks to all woodfarm guys to give a smile and golden time, sorry for giving tears in lot of eyes, this moment we can never forget. and thanks the head mam and teachers. finally we all thanks to our colonel #Anil sir, who gave this amazing trip that can never forget. From AKASH ACKY ARYA

(GM’s Note : Akash was brought into the Orphanage as a sick abandoned 2 year old. Today he stands on a new threshold, as he goes to IIT, one of the premier educational institutions in India, for his masters in Physics, before 25 July 2016. He aims to be a Scientist and with his will and intelligence, we are sure he will do himself, the Orphanage and India proud very soon. Students undergo tuitions and coaching for over a year to sit for the exam and clear the interview for IITs. Akash had no said resources and has achieved this on his own. It is a credit worth mentioning as the merit list is very difficult to achieve.)
  Dushyant Saraswat, General Manager, Go India Hotels, after attending the Volunteer Program at Project Arman on 06 May wrote to say, ‘Dear Sir, Good Morning. First of all I will like to thank you to work regularly for Armanis and making them feel little different. I really appreciate your efforts from the bottom of my heart. It was really a great experience to be there and to know about the life these people are living, how excited they are towards studies, conditions in which they are studying and kind of support LPTI is giving. We in our lives can only imagine the kind of life these people are leading, however it’s because of you that I was able to experience the same. I was also privileged to meet the Girl who secured distinction in her higher secondary examinations. It was really an achievement for her and for Arman. Though the time is too short to know and understand the kids but it was a lovely heart touching experience for me. When I went back at home I shared my experience with my kids too along with the photos and we all are speechless. Above all it was brilliantly organized too. Hat’s off to you. Thank you again for everything. Regards”.
  Ruby Robert, Executive, Le Passage to India, wrote, “I will commence with the famous French fashion designer – Christian Dior’s quote “Happiness is the secret to all beauty, there is no beauty without happiness”. I will not say that I didn’t understand the true meaning of it before but my visit to Project Arman kids made me experience the same as a person. Those 03 hours or should I say not even 02 and a half hours were a delight. When I was asked if I would like to volunteer for the same, I wasn’t sure how it would be or will 03 hours be sufficient to bond with so many children but on the contrary mingling with them was the easiest part of all. I had loads of doubts while I was on my way to Nizamuddin but once I reached there and was sitting among those naïve children, all my doubts were gone and to be honest, I felt relaxed. I still remember during my school days when my father used to take me to Missionary of Charity in Agra to spend some time with children over there, and once I reached there I dint feel that they were anyway different from me, other than that I had a place to call “MY HOME”. I came to Delhi 05 years back with my aspiration for a successful future and after 03 years of college and 02 years of corporate job, what I still miss is a warmth and calmness in this busy city. Visit to the children gave me a feeling which to be very honest cannot be explained. I know that you may be thinking that I am replying late but believe me that all these days I was looking for words to express my experience but still I am helpless to explain the same. All I can sum up is by thanking Mario for making it a compulsory action for everyone as it gave me a chance/ platform to meet them. I thank you whole heartedly for doing such a great work, a work whose greatness cannot be measured. In today’s life it is so difficult to bring a real smile on the face of others but your work is the cause to the smile of so many children and their parents whose life would not have been same without you.  Lastly would request you if I can be of any service to you and contribute to the initiative. THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR TO YOUR AND YOUR TEAM......…”
  Pankaj Kumar, Assistant Manager, Le Passage to India who volunteered on 27 May at Arman wrote to say, “Dear Anil Sir, Good Morning! I recently participated in CSR activity at Hazrat Nizzamuddin Centre on Friday 27 May’16. It was really a very touching moment for me as even I come from countryside and I have grown up among such children. They (the children) are very well mannered and very active and intelligent and I wish them a very bright future ahead. I really appreciate the very good effort done by their teachers. Whenever there will be a possibility to come there, I would love to come again. I am really very thankful to you giving me this memorable and touching opportunity to participate in. Thanks with warmest regards”.
  Roxanne, our volunteer who spent 15 days with our empanelled NGO I-India, Jaipur wrote, “Dear Anil Alagh, Thank you so much for the pictures it's a really nice memory! My experience at the school was wonderful! I really realized how much I love to work with child. I failed in love with the girls, They are so amazing. They have shared their thinking and their love with me, I will never forget this! They have so much to give! The school was also really helpful and understanding, I was really free to teach what I want so I take the opportunities to let them explore their imagination! I realized that they are really use and good to follow rules but I want them to learn how to work with art materials but in the same time give them the space to follow their inspiration. I really want to this again and again and now I Know more how it's work so I can be more prepare with more materials and more ideas! Have a good day!! Roxanne Auclair (Envoyé de mon iPad)”
  Mrs Stephanie Sommers, sent in a donation for Project Arman on return to Germany. Her testimonial is best depicted from the remark in the Arman Visitor Register.
  Subani Saxena, Assistant Manager- Marketing Communications, Le Passage to India Journeys, wrote about her experience on 22 Apr at Project Arman, “Dear Col. Alagh, Good afternoon. First of all a big thank you for making this happen. Honestly speaking, in my one year two month’ journey with Le Passage, I never really understood how real is CSR for our company. Friday, last week was an absolute eye opener for me personally as I am among those who are very finicky and demanding when it comes to anything, be it, food, clothes, comfortable ambience, etc. Sitting cross-legged with those innocent stars under that one fan made me both sweat and ponder as well. Did this place really exists? Plush Sunder Nagar had this side too?— I questioned myself? Which part of Delhi was I assuming really reflects real India? Well, it was an absolute delight to spend that time with those kids who are very talented and skilled, they just need our little guidance and nurturing and I am very sure that they will all shine bright and have successful future. Shaping Lives is doing very good work and its a pride to be a part of such a foundation. :). Thank you once again for showing me a different side of life and making me realise even stronger that its important to keep thanking God at every step of life for whatever he has blessed you with. There are many empty hands in this world who were not born with a silver spoon. Value life and do something (however small or inexpensive) for someone who is in need. Regards.”
  Sarika Nikam, Assistant Manager, Go India Hotels, wrote in to say, “Thank you Sir, ??To give us such a wonderful experience. It is an amazing service you offer to the least in your community through passion, dedication and excellence. May the world bear witness of how such amazing things can be done with responsibility to care for children. After talking to Armanis, I come to know how bright they are, they are truly amazing. ARMAN are really changing the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalised children in society. Been very happy to go across the ARMAN family and very impressed on the processes. God bless all. And I really want to experience it again and again…. Thanks & Regards
  Pravin Kumar, Vice President - Vendor Management, Le Passage to India Journeys who has supported this Project on and off through personal contributions over the years, wrote in to say after his first visit, “Dear Col. Sir, Happy Saturday to you & your loved ones. I would like to thank you for extending yet another opportunity to be part of CSR activities for ARMANI’s , it was truly an amazing experience and I would love to part of any activity related to CSR , while this is important, the continuity of corporate philanthropy and volunteerism are key determinants in the viability and sustainability of programmes and initiatives for many causes, and this plays a big part in the improvement of society as a whole. Yeh zindagi na milegi dobara !(roughly translated it implies ‘you have only one life, live it!!). Have a blessed weekend !
  Sachin Kesar, from Marketing wrote to say, “By attending CSR program on Friday, I experienced how important it is to have sense of responsibility towards the community. There is no doubt in the fact that clients feel good with the companies that help the community. By building public image our company is moving in the right direction to become favourable in the eyes of our clients. The CSR program was very well organised. Looking forward to seeing them soon. Thanks & warm regards.
  Rachael Streek-Buma, Regional Director, Meeting Encore wrote in to say, “Dear Anil, Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had this opportunity and to you for allowing me to share in the lives of the children. My only regret is that I was not able to spend more time with them. The smiles and words of thanks will forever remain in my heart and the hugs given and received will never be forgotten. I look forward to keeping in touch and receiving updates on the Project Arman children. Know that you are blessing to these children. Sincerely, Rachael Streek-Buma
  Allison Shride of the Give and Grow Group wrote back, “Dear Anil, I want to express my gratitude for all of the work that you and so many others do to improve the lives of the people in India.  My group visited 4 different projects and we were impressed and inspired by each and every one of them.  

We visited the girls at Ladli in Jaipur and loved how welcoming and enthusiastic the girls were.  The directors of the organization have incredible vision for the girls and are so warm and grounded.  I know the girls that are there are in very good hands.  I was so impressed with how the girls focused on each other:  telling us each other’s strengths and attributes.  They were kind and generous to each other and wanted to make sure that everyone got to be included in our visit and activities.  That was incredibly powerful for me to witness.  

We also visited Umang,in Jaipur a center for children with various physical and cerebral disabilities.  Again, the director of the center was an amazing woman with deep compassion and commitment to those that she serves.  I loved touring the classrooms and especially loved our dancing party at the end of our visit.  I got to connect with one young man who seemed to be quite shy and withdrawn.  By the end of our visit, he was dancing with his peers and had a huge smile on his face.  It’s a moment that will stay with me for a very long time.  

The last center that we visited in Jaipur was Surman Sansthan.  Once again, the children seemed to be very happy and very well cared for.  Manan, the director, clearly loves each and every child and is passionate about their care and wellbeing.  I had a great time playing with the children during our visit!

The Earth Saviours’ Foundation in Delhi had the greatest impact on me.  Ravi Kalra is an incredible human being with a huge heart and mission.  Providing shelter and care to adults that are destitute or have been abandoned is a massive undertaking and he is doing so well.  It was difficult to hear some of the stories of the individuals living there, and some of the stories couldn’t be told because of the language differences, but the one piece that didn’t need language is that they just needed to be loved and valued and I believe that they get that at Earth Saviours.

It was a remarkable visit to each foundation and I’m so thankful of the opportunity to meet and connect with so many people.  Kind Regards, Allison Shride, USA

  Mrs Vanita M Arora, mother of the two volunteer tiny ones at Project Arman in Jul 2015 wrote, ‘Dear Col Alagh, It was lovely meeting you and kudos to you for your work at Arman via Chintan. My girls and myself thoroughly enjoyed the two weeks we spent with them, and happy to learn that the children too had as much fun as we did. We were very touched by the farewell we got on Friday where we were showered with cards and handmade art and craft items. We will miss the kids!”

Later to Mr Arjun Sharma, Chairman LPTI and the visionary behind this Foundation, she messaged, “Dear Arjun, Myra , Aanya and myself had a splendid time working with the kids even though I was merely a photographer and translator :-D. The girls are taking back with them, amazing memories from this experience . The staff of Arman and Chintan and especially Col . Alagh was extremely supportive, helpful and co-operative. We will miss all the children and the staff! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to play a minuscule part in the fabulous work you are doing for these youngsters. Warm regards, Vanita Mehra Arora.
  Mr Richard Heaton, on return to Birmingham, “Dear Anil, I depart for a holiday in France tomorrow with my family and just wanted to send you a quick message. Sincerest thanks for all of the help and support you gave to the Old Swinford group during our days at Deepalaya and then again at Sanjay Colony. The group were deeply moved and I think many are now motivated to make certain that they continue to offer help to those less fortunate than themselves. This is certainly what Jasbir and I hoped for when we planned this trip. The students also had great fun at the hostel and the school in Delhi and enjoyed sharing their experiences with the other youngsters there. Seeing the efforts of the staff in quite difficult conditions has put in to perspective our own educational experiences and for some of the students who want to become teachers, it has really fired them up!
Your organisation, friendliness, enthusiasm and professionalism were all greatly appreciated and you helped massively to enhance our experiences and for that we are truly grateful.
Jasbir and I have already said that we would like to return to India in two years time with another group. We will probably trek out of Ladakh next time, but will still be keen to spend time in Delhi and so hopefully we will get to see you again.
Richard” ... Dr Richard Heaton, Director of Sixth Form and Assistant Head Teacher
BSc (Hons), PhD, PGCE, NPQH, DipEdMan, Heath Lane  |  Stourbridge  |  West Midlands  |  DY8 1QX /
  The faculty escort Mrs Jasbir Kainth dropped a line to say, “Hi Anil, Thanks so much for sharing your photographs. We had such an enjoyable experience and I think that our students gained so much from their time with the children. I do hope to be able to work with you again in the future. All the best, Mrs Jas Kainth, Subject Leader of English,


Lucy Dayer, one of the volunteer students from Swinford wrote back on July 29, 2015, “Dear Col Anil Alagh, I recently visited Deepelaya school/project, on a school trip with Old Swinford Hospital School. I had an absolutely wonderful time, so thank you again. Best wishes, Lucy Dayer.”

  Press Release
  Col (Retired) Anil Alagh, General Manager, Le Passage Travel Foundation (Shaping Lives), has been conferred with the prestigious ‘Karmaveer Puraskaar’ for his outstanding work in the field of social service done via the Foundation since 2010. The award ceremony took place on March 22, 2015 in New Delhi at an exclusive award function during the “iCONGO’s REX Conclave.

REX ( is Latin for KING and REX CONCLiVE is the king of thought leadership and grassroots wisdom forums (with an eclectic mix of “ROCKSTAR SPEAKERS”, cause related culture-tainment performances, short film screenings & awards). REX encourages ideas for proactive action to change the  world. REX CONCLiVE is the scaled up new avatar of the RIGHT every WRONG conclave, which was the first wisdom and culture-tainment forum that was pivotal for pioneering huge thought leadership for addressing various social issues ranging from Education to Healthcare & Poverty  to Marginalization, Climate Change, Corruption, Electoral Reforms, CSR, Communalism, MDGs and Constitutional rights & duties awareness.

At REX, thought leaders are invited to engage with audiences by giving their most enthralling talk in 9 minutes or less. The talk could be anything that fits in within the 3 pillars of REX (as given below ) across the thematic sectors (Business {Banking, Insurance, Microfinance, Telecom, Advertising, Retail, Infrastructure, Low Cost Housing, Aviation & others},  Luxury brands, CSR, NGOs, Government, Venture Capital, Social Ventures, Media &  Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Public Health, Philanthropy, Agriculture, Youth Affairs and other themes. The three pillars of REX are

1.  Right every Wrong action
2.  Empowering & Entertaining Ideas
3.  Social Innovation & Entrepreneurs

The common thread the speakers need to stitch in is how the idea can make a difference for the people and the planet. Col Alagh was one of the REX speakers as he expounded how the one and only dedicated CSR Foundation in the Indian Travel Industry had made a difference by using its global outreach to benefit carefully selected grass root level NGOs working in diverse fields across tourist destinations. His talk was well received and promises to catalyze partnerships with a number of new NGOs. He also spoke on the Le Passage honest and hard core CSR with children of waste pickers, besides its international client interventions, as well as how the Foundation was facilitating Individual Social Responsibility amongst his colleagues and circle.

The CtrlS - iCONGO promoted “KARMAVEER PURASKAAR (KVP)” are the Global Awards for Social Justice and Citizen Action instituted by the people sector & civil society with various partner organisations, citizens at large and media supporters. Be the change you want to see in this world is what every KARMAVEER inherently believes and practices. 

 The “KARMAVEER PURASKAAR” awards ceremony has over the years become a “MELTING POT” where People from India & Global Citizens that comprise individuals ranging from princes and princesses to global bestselling authors, young politicians, statesmen, bureaucrats, ambassadors, actors, singers, captains of industry, media professionals, development workers, young adults, students, school children, homemakers, academicians, slum workers and others who come “TOGETHER as ONE to RIGHT every WRONG”.   In 2011 iCONGO, in association with CtrlS and VSO India, had also launched Karmayuga-Right every Wrong Generation, an initiative to salute and showcase the extra ordinary and inspiring work done by ordinary mortals, to Right a Wrong that they see around them. Best Citizen Action stories are awarded Karmaveer Chakra- a medallion for proactive Citizen Action, instituted with the UN.

The awards and the Chakra recognize and applaud the social commitment of concerned individuals, who have proactively and voluntarily worked for bringing a positive transformation in the society and the world we live in. In today’s world where there is huge apathy & indifference, we feel a paramount need for being not just a good person but also a good citizen who exercises her/ his rights, duties & responsibilities as a concerned, just and humane citizen. 

  Cecilia Purits, our friend from Sweden wrote in on 30 Mar 2015 :

Dear Anil,

Finally back in Sweden I remember our visit to the two projects in Delhi. They were both very interesting and make a big difference for the children. Myself and the four ladies were very impressed. You and I were discussing how to improve the arrangements in the class room at Hamayuns Tomb. I am not sure that we came to a final decision regarding which is the best solution for the children. You mentioned foldable mats and I think that I agreed.  

Have you done anything more regarding this and in that case has there been any expenses?  Please update me so that we can come to a good result for the children. Thank you very much Anil for showing us around.

We were impressed both by the projects and by you, as a person. Warm regards, Cecilia Purits
  Jill Hopkins, from England, wrote in after her group’s volunteer work in building play stations for I-India at Jaipur in Mar 2015 (See events page to read more on this) :

Both Deepak and Lokesh went out of their way to accommodate us and Anil was amazing in Jaipur, helping us to keep on schedule with the project, which I will come to later.

Then the project – this couldn’t have been better. The location was perfect, in the middle of the village. There was interaction with the local children and adults and the women cooking for the 4000 children each day! With the help of Anil we were able to achieve what we set out to do and have the pleasure of seeing the village children enjoying the finished playground. We were also able to visit the Jhag village and were shown how cricket is really played!!

I could go on and on……. But thank you so much for making this a trip of a lifetime for me and 15 of my friends and family. They are already talking about the next one!

Many, many thanks and kindest regards, Jill
  Mr Hermen Mertens from Sweden wrote on 29 Jan 2015 :

Dear Anil,

Thank you so much for the pictures. I was overwhelmed by emotions this morning. Seeing the slums (although I have seen them and walked the cages in Bombay) it just slapped me in the face. We are so lucky, so rich (even if it is not in $$$) but in health, in living circumstances and in chances we get.

At my age (I turn sixty soon) I can get a degree as an interpreter. What a great chance I get to grasp. I must say, like you , my heart goes out to the less fortunate, the deaf, the disabled... to all the children that do not get the chance to choose. I see that you, and all the organisation gives these children a chance for a future that would not be without that school.

We do realise our small donation may just be a drop on a hot plate, but I want to give back something from what life has given me. I battled cancer twice, so I know ho it feels to be a survivor... just like these kids. So eager to learn, so incredibly innocent, so full of joy and smiles.
I want to thank you for the visit this morning. Whenever I have a chance I will speak out about Deepalaya. Kind regards,  Herman
  Testimonials received from colleagues from the various ‘Smiles from Santa’ venues are given below. It is such a joy to know them and their kind across our offices in India.
  Mr Khalid Khan, from Jaipur, wrote in on 19th to say, “One woman’s initiative against all odds for under privileged street children. Needs support.”
  Mr. Milind Verma, after his experience at Jaipur, called and said “Sir, my eyes filled up just seeing what this lone crusader does, I am taking my wife to the NGO before the year end and asking her to form a support group from within our community. We are going to help her as best as we can”.
  Karen, our Goan colleague, summed up the day with the children as “This Event has left us with warm and beautiful memories with the resolve to creating more such time – regardless of occasion – for such children and more.”
  Mr Shajimon in his concluding remarks from Cochin wrote, “While returning we all were praying to Almighty that the joyous spirit of Christmas, the carols and the jingles, will remain forever in their life and the New Year will bring them a new meaning and purpose to life through us and others with benevolent hearts.”
  What Shivani, one of our volunteers at TESF, so movingly expressed was, “Dear Sir, It is said the more you give, the more you get. Today by giving love, respect and affection to the elderly people I have in return got many relations. The pain they must have gone through is clearly visible but there willpower is what has surprised me. They are still smiling and enjoying. And we, even after getting so many luxuries in life always keep on cribbing for something or the other , inspite of knowing that we won’t take anything with us when we leave. Its only the memories in others heart which will be left behind and I for sure will try and leave beautiful memory by painting the canvas of my life with the colours of their love, respect and emotions. Thank you so much for making me a part of it. Please count me as a volunteer for all such activities. I am really touched. Regards..Shivani”.
  Ms Parvathy, our veteran volunteer wrote back to say, “Dear Col Alagh & TESF Volunteers, Thank you Col. AA for the opportunity to see through your eyes! On same day last year I bid good bye to my “Mom” in the form known to me from birth. Today it looked as if she was playing hide-and-seek with a smile and prompted me to search for her amongst those human beings - forgotten by time and family. Amnesia & Alzheimer’s, Dementia, loss of limbs, arms, paralysis, reduces a human to a pitiable situation..... It was an humbling reminder of what ravages Time can do. So as 2014 slips out of the back door silentl..... I look forward to 2015 to give me more opportunities to share more of my happiness by giving away as much as I can. Shivani & Khushboo are the real fairies of LPTI. with regards, Parvathy.
  Khushbu, our first time volunteer wrote in, “Dear Sir, Greetings!!! Many thanks for giving me this opportunity to serve our elderly people and contribute a little by giving them love, care and affection. I really had a wonderful time with all of them. I wish them all a very healthy and a happy new year and really want to meet them again whenever possible. Thanks a lot for associating me with this noble cause. Regards……Khushbu.”
  Some inputs received from the TUI volunteers after the Xmas outing with Deepalaya were :- Neha, who had also experienced the TUI Volunteer Diwali, wrote, “Dear Sir, An incredible pre- Christmas event well spent with Deepalaya kids, couldn’t have asked for more. The children are blessed and full of life! I have to thank you profusely for this and also the other experiences I have been a part of. You are such a wonderful human being! So proud to be a part of this. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Warm Regards, Neha Kumar | Senior Manager
  The message from Deepalaya to Shaping Lives read as , “Dear Sir, It was a great Christmas celebrations like every year. Students enjoyed a lot and they had a great day with special Christmas gift (Gloves and woolen caps - most needed and a wonderful gift at this chilling winter times). TUI Team -You are such incredible volunteers. Thank you for sponsoring the event and making the event special for our children. The event would have not been so successful without your love and resolve to give the children a great time. Big thanks!!! Your compassion was the sweetest gift they had on this Christmas.
We (Special Unit Family) would like to thank a special person (Col Anil Sir) in our lives for providing generous help, without you we cannot do it. Words cannot express how much we appreciate your kindness and generosity. You are always willing to be there for us whenever we need you. Thank you for always being with us :). Thanks and Regards, Sangeeta Kardam (MOT - Neurology), Manager Programme, Deepalaya.
  “It is indeed a joy to get such messages wherein visitors facilitated by Shaping Lives to NGOs during their Indian holiday, form long term relationships. This is the third time this lovely couple has donated to NGO Deepalaya......
  Dear Anil

How are you? By us - Christmas is coming up and we want your organization again to make a donation. If the bank still the same as last year (Federal Bank Limited / Deepalaya, New Delhi, account no. 11050100058538)?
Wish you and the school a good time. Happy new year.
Martin und Patricia Willimann
Oberschönau 417
9533 Dietschwil / Switzerland
  Our Heroine
Who is Judi Faulkner? Judi is a Shaping Lives ambassador and volunteer heroine from UK. She came into India, painted a Delhi Centre of Cankids…Kidscan, fell in love with the emotions she felt, volunteered some more …. and hey Presto!! she gets nominated for ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award by her current employer and …WINS!! Fantastic news she shared with me, Col Anil Alagh, GM - Shaping Lives ….to thank us for facilitating her Indian interlude so well that she got addicted to volunteering. But , what is more noble and fantastic is that she chose to donate part of her award money to Cankids. What a truly exciting and humbling piece of Xmas news for us at Shaping Lives. Read on to know her feelings....

Judi Faulkner wrote……

“Hello Anil and Deepak,

I hope you remember the Dirty Dozen group from Different Travel in November 2013 and trust you are keeping well.

My first trip with Different Travel was a very special one and introduced me to the world of volunteering with the amazing charity CanKids.  I can’t tell you how many people I have told about the wonderful work you do there.  I have since accompanied 2 more trips to Morocco and Vietnam and my employer, Southampton Airport have kindly helped with giving me extra leave to enable me to fulfil my volunteer trips.

I was nominated recently for Volunteer of the Year Award at Southampton Airport and am very proud to say I won!  This meant I was awarded a cash prize to be donated to a charity of my choice.  I have split it between the 3 projects I have worked with and would like £200 sterling to be sent to you guys at CanKids.  My employer will need to know how best to send this and guess you have lots of overseas donations made in this way.  They would like to know your registered address and if you have a Registered Charity Number (maybe this is just something British)

I’m so happy that the legacy of the work The Dirty Dozen (as you named us Anil!) has lived on and may provide a little more help with the amazing work you guys do for the families in need.  The updates you send on the progress of CanKids are really useful in getting sponsorship for the future and I look forward to the day I return.  I’m booked up for 2015 but maybe 2016 I will return to Delhi… I certainly hope so.

I hope also that this email finds you and the team well. I look forward to hearing from you soon so we can arrange for this donation to get to you as soon as possible.

With warm regards

Judi Faulkner
Airport Ambassador

Southampton International Airport Ltd | Wide Lane | Southampton | SO18 2NL
tel: 023 8062 7323 | web:
  For the wonderful testimonials that came in after the TUI India’s Diwali fair for 250 less privileged normal and children wiith special needs at Deepalaya on 17 Oct, please peruse the write-up in the Events page of Nov 2014.

The Haus Khas Clean Walkathon figures in TUI Travel Plc’s “Colours – Fall Edition 2014’


Message from Singapore visitors to NGO Cankids…Kidscan on 19 Oct 2014

We just got back last evening from Delhi. It was quite moving to visit CanKids. It brought back some mixed memories for us. The kids were wonderful though despite their illness. They carried their burdens lightly. We will definitely be in touch as we would like to help. Regards, Mike …. Mike Samson, Managing Director / Regional Head SEA, Leveraged Banking,

Thks and rgds


Hi Anil,

This is Rachel Nuno one of the nursing students from Janelle's team. Thank you so much for all your hard work and making these clinics happen. You are truly a blessing and I am so happy I had the chance to work with you! I look forward to seeing you one day in the future and providing care at the clinics! God bless. 


Rachel Nuno


“Dear Anil,,

Thank you so very much for sharing all of these precious pictures with me! I will send them to the whole group so everyone can enjoy them.

Thank you for making our experience in India at both NGOs so incredibly special! Participating at both clinics was the highlight of our trip to India. You and the whole team made all of us feel valued and appreciated. Most of the students had never traveled outside of the United States and their experience at both NGOs helped them to value the differences as well as the similarities between people in the US and India. The students said over and over again that their trip to India was a once in a life time trip. My hope is that the students will continue to travel the world to offer assistance where ever they can.

Your team was so wonderful! Thank you for organizing everything! I am forever grateful for your kindness and generosity of spirit.

Hopefully Tim and I will be able to visit you again in India. Thank you once again!


Janelle Gardner RN, MSN, PhD
Professor of Nursing
California State University, Chico

  Painting of GCCI Centre, Gurgaon, India on 03 – 04 May by volunteers of Dovehouse Hospice, UK.

Dear Anil,

Thank you so much for your email. It was lovely to hear from you and I am so glad that the project has been completed.

I am extremely sorry that I was not able to meet with you on Sunday, as I very much wanted to apologise in person. However, the illness stopped me even coming down to reception even though I wanted to.

Everyone in the team was desperate to finish the project, but unfortunately it seems circumstances got in the way – as life can! In the end, the whole group caught the illness and some are still feeling ill today. However, everyone had a wonderful time on Saturday and we were so pleased to have helped where we could. Plus, it was an absolute pleasure to meet yourself, Ganesh and Dr. Behura.

The pictures are fantastic and I look forward to sharing them with the whole team! I will especially pass on your regards to Marti and Dave.

Thank you for letting us be part of the centre’s history and inviting us to help where we could. All of us wish you and everyone involved the very best of luck for the future and hope that a lot of people are helped and supported by the service. We also hope to visit India again, as we had such a wonderful experience (despite a little bit of illness!).

Very best wishes,


Becky Baynes
Fundraising Co-ordinator

T: 01482 785743
F: 01482 827830


  Hi Anil,

Thank you very much for your e-mail and the photographs. It’s lovely to hear from you!

It’s Becky and I’s first day back at work today, so we’re catching up with e-mails, etc J It looks like you got a lot done on the day we were unable to attend…really well done for that! We were so disappointed not to be able to come along for the second day, but hopefully the work on the first day was a good help J A few people are still unwell but the majority are feeling much better, thank you.

It would be lovely to keep in touch. Please can you forward the volunteering details to me too? Hayley told me about this and I’d like to have a look at the information if possible.

Thanks again for making us so welcome and I wish you every success for the future.

Very best wishes,

(Katy Wood, Dovehouse Hospice, UK.)


Dear Col Alagh

Many thanks for arranging the visit to Deepalaya.  It was again very inspiring to hear Deepalaya's story and the impact of the RTE.  I can only wish all those involved success with the legal challenge.

The group was very appreciative of your time and that of Shikha together with the staff who generously shared their experiences.

I will circulate these photos to all members of the group, many of whom were considering ways of supporting Deepalaya into the future.

Thank you again for your support and that of Go India Journeys.

My best to you all in all your endeavours.


  Friendly visit to Sanjay Colony School. and a 20:20 Cricket match between mixed teams of Deepalaya and Giggleswick School, UK on 07 Apr.

Dear Anil

Thank you very much for your kind words in the email that you sent. The trip to Deepalaya was the icing on the cake for our fantastic trip to India. The positive attitude of everybody there made the trip so much more fulfilling and what better way to judge a school than by the smiles on the pupils' faces!
It was very interesting for me to see which of our pupils interacted with the guys at the school, I have had a few comments from our parents about how great our pupils found the experience.

We are on holiday now for a couple more weeks but when we get back to school we will be doing a presentation on the whole tour and we will send you a copy.

Everyone that has seen the photo of Sangeeta and me have smiled, including my own two kids!

Thanks very much for all the photos.

I will be in touch soon.

Thanks again


Dan Cook
Director of Sport
Giggleswick School


Respected Sir,

Greetings from Jaipur!

We are sending some very catchy feedbacks duly translated into English, received from our I-India children on the most valuable and momentous trip of their life:

Rahul Bhati-“The best experience of my life… Thanks to LPTI for fulfilling our dreams to fly like a bird…”

Pooja- “I never thought of being a part of such a great excursion, especially to be a guest of Indian Army camp at Agra and then actually to travel home in an aeroplane. The soldiers are truly strong guards of our country and work for others selflessly… the flight was my dream come true…. Our salute to all”

Deepak- “Many year back it took me so long to reach Jaipur Railway station by train, bus and walk all alone. Hard to believe the speed of an aircraft and express my exciting experience inside it, and also our visit to TAJ MAHAL. Great experience…..Thank you Anil Ji Sir! ”

Shabnam Bano-“Most of the time we see Taj Mahal, Aircraft and Indian Soldiers in our books, TV or newspapers…. It was truly a great experience to travel by an aircraft, being a guest of Indian Soldiers and visiting Taj Mahal all in one trip. Unbelievable.. that’s what I and all my friends say for this memorable trip with LPTI! ”

Once again thanks for this great and valuable opportunity.... our salute to you!!!

Best regards,


Dear Col Alagh,

Greetings from Disha!

The cheer and the smiles on the face of our staff and the students express that they have been taken care of very well by  you and your team. It had been a very well organized and wonderful trip. The arrangements and your planning and managing of the event were very good as always and the entire Disha family expresses its gratitude for the trip. We thank you deeply from our heart for all the cooperation that we received from you and your team during the entire trip.

Thank you once again and warm regards,

Kavita Apoorva Verma

A Resource Centre for Multiple Disabilities
Nirman Nagar 'C', Jaipur
Tel. : 0141-2393319, Telefax : 0141-2391690
Mobile: +91-8233788887
email :,
Link to Disha documentary film

"Work for a cause, not for applause; Live to express not to Impress."


Dear Col Alagh,

Once again you brought smiles and laughter to so many faces through your magical flight of fantasy . The group that joined the two day trip to Agra on 25th, 26th and return by flight hav`nt stopped talking of the trip and all the fun they had , it is difficult to make out whether it was the Taj mahal or the flight back home that was more exciting . I am mailing a few drawings and write up of their experiences by post . I was told by the staff who accompanied them that all arrangements were made with military precision, even the smallest of needs was taken care of, so much like you to go in every detail .Your personal presence made all the difference. The children were delighted to see you. They loved having you around with them all the time. It was very reassuring for the staff also. Your warmth and love for the children reaches them, no wonder you are their favorite uncle . Like all their trips with you this one will be a trip they will always remember . Please convey our heartfelt gratitude to your MD, Mr Arjun Sharma, Ms Kiran Joti, and all the staff of Le Passage for this memorable experience who made it possible and everyone who was present to ensure all went smoothly . You sure are a Company that cares . With many thanks from all of us at Umang . Deepak Kalra , Director
3/4, Kabir Avenue,
Jaipur, Rajasthan
Ph-+91-141-2395099* <>


Thank you so much Dear Col. Anil Alagh ji for your kind words. It was indeed great meeting you all once again at our gurukul. i could make out that particular day food was delicious . everyone truly enjoyed the food.please convey my sincere thanks to your colleagues Ms. Parvathy and her family for coming over to offer food for poor people and needy. it is the best noble service in God's eyes.
thank you and looking forward to meet you more often. i will keep you all in my prayers for peace, good health and prosperity.

Warm regards

Ravi Kalra
Founder and President
The Earth Saviours Foundation 
Recognized and Registered NGO 
Under 80-G of Income Tax Exemption Act.
FCRA license from Ministry of Home Affairs, 
Govt. of India

Address: 34, Green Avenue Road, Near 'D' Block Church,
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070.
Mobile No: +91- 98181 71695

Connect with us @


From NGO Manzil tailoring Unit

Dear Col Alagh

Our deep and heartfelt thanks to Jane and her group for bringing in such wonderful energy
coupled with their benevolence. Also, without you being the bridge this act would not have been
possible so our sincere thanks to you and Prabhat for keeping Manzil in your thoughts.

We certainly look forward to being in touch and sharing the progress at the centre. Kindly share Jane's mail id for the same.

I'm sure Aunty jee will be even more enthusiastic ..after learning of your observation:). Geetika, really wish you could have been there.

Kind Regards

Sangeeta Bhatia

From our Mumbai Volunteer


I did indeed build some beautiful relationships with many of the young girls and indeed the Sisters, it was a truly inspiring time for me, really made me evaluate my own life and count my many blessings.
Maybe on my next trip to India (and there will be many, I’m sure) we will get an opportunity to me.

Warmest regards Anil and thank you again for all your input to making my stay so wonderful and memorable.


From: Anil Alagh []
Sent: 04 November 2013 13:04
To: Susan Graham
Subject: RE: 17 Days to Go!!

Dear Susan,
Hope your first active day was satisfying and you will sleep well. As the days progress, the children will also open up and it will give you the satisfaction you seek. Rapport building and trust take time and I am sure you are a champ at fast forwarding it.
Have a nice stay at Mumbai. Wish I could have met you.
Rgds             ………….


Col Anil Alagh | General Manager-Corporate Social Responsibility


From another Group Volunteering at Cankids

Good morning Chris and Anil! I hope you are both in good health.

Chris, it was a privilege to meet you recently, regrettably brief but still, a time that remains ingrained in my soul.

Anil, thank you so much for your lovely email, your kind words and well wishes, and yes, you are and always will be a 'great friend', I consider myself very lucky & blessed by this friendship.

I would like to express my gratitude for having the opportunity to be able to do something very small for such a worthwhile cause as CanKids. I have felt very moved by all the work done there, the dedication and commitment that has gone into helping the unfortunate souls and their families. Each and everyone of you are making a massive & positive difference every day and although we are unable to take away children's misfortunes, it is clear to see that they are respected and have their dignity.

I feel strongly compelled to be able to help further - ideally, as I discussed with you Chris, I would like to contribute a 'hands on approach' there at CanKids so I will forward my CV onto you shortly so you can see if I am able to come to Delhi to help out.

In the meantime, I have made enquiries with HR to take time off away from my job at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham....I understand I can take off minimum of 3 months to 5 years unpaid leave.

I have also decided to fund raise for CanKids in conjunction with fundraising for the Cyberknife here at the place of my work (cancer centre in QEHB).
The hospital Charities have agreed to this so I am working to design a calendar from the photos from my recent trek to the Himalayas & CanKids. The proceeds from the sales will be split 50/50.
50% of each sale for CanKids.

I am also contemplating on raising awareness here for CanKids, maybe approaching a popular National Radio Station (BBC Asian Network), maybe they can help me with this, be happier with an interview which I would be happy to do.
I am due for an interview with BBC West Midlands, just waiting to confirm dates.

I would be grateful if you could send me the link for donations with instructions.
Also, would you be kind enough to send me any 'tools' that may help construct letters, posters etc?
Maybe even any literature on CanKids that I could print off and distribute to selected locations?

I have been invited for an interview and photos for a press release as I have raised a substantial amount for charities so I will take advantage of this by talking about the great work you do at CanKids, hence, would like to include a direct donation link for people to donate.
Can I have your permission to do this please?

If you get a few minutes, you can actually visit my direct page to see how I did with my own fundraising-

Please can you pass on my love and best wishes to all the staff there especially 'behanji Saroj'.
Please thank her for her kindness and warmth, her sincerity and love.

I am also contemplating a charity fundraising evening for CanKids, maybe a 'Bollywood' theme with meals......think I will discuss this with QEHB Charities or do this off my own back with friends.....again, proceeds to go to CanKids, I have links that I will approach nearer the time.
Of course, I do need to have your permission to do this and I will keep you informed of all progress.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, love and best wishes to you both, God Bless.

Usha Kiran

Sent from my iPad


Hi Anil,

What a pleasure it was to meet you,the rest of the team and especially the fantastic children.
The few days we spent there will live with me for a long long time,i am so glad i went on the trip and one day i hope or should i say will return to see you all again.Would you please be able to send me a link to your page so that i can make a monthly donation.
Once again let express my thanks and i'm sure i speak on everyone else's behalf when i say what a joy it was to meet you all and again thankyou all for your help and hospitality whilst we was there.
Hope the pipe is okay!,
Best wishes to you all,
Wayne BSM.
- Sent from my HTC on 3 -
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 12:03:25 +0530
Subject: RE: Birmingham St Mary's - 22 - 24 Nov - Final photos
Dear Team BSM,

Visited the GN Centre yesterday for final checks and here’s the end product. The sheer white photo is the false ceiling on the meditation room which was not part of your work. The rest looks so beautiful. Thank you once again and god bless.

Cheers and rgds


Col Anil Alagh | General Manager-Corporate Social Responsibility


Volunteer at Cankids

Thank you for the photos ..they're fantastc....
It has been such a pleasure  meet you and be of some small  help to the children .
You and them  will be printed in  our memory for ever. We are looking at ways in which we can help from a distance...... Until we can come back again  ........
May you be blessed with a long working life..... as we are all playing for tme..!
Granny number one ………. Marion Barntt 


Volunteer at Cankids

From: Varsha Punjabi []
Sent: Sunday, November 03, 2013 12:30 AM
To: Anil Alagh
Subject: Re: Noah's Ark, UK at Cankids Kotla, Delhi - 19 - 22 Oct

Hi Uncle Ji!
Just wanted to say thank you for these wonderful pictures and for the opportunity, it was definitely an unforgettable one! I hope you and all those at CanKids are well, and that the kids are loving the "animal kingdom"! :) Good luck with all your future endeavors and I hope that we will again cross paths in the future. 
Kindest regards,

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 12:33 PM, Anil Alagh <> wrote:
Dear Dan and Noah Ark super team,
Straight to the point ….you guys and ladies were simply SUPERB …… loved the way you showed commitment and did so much in such little time as a team. The happiness and cheer was infectious and you can see your work in photo frames attached. The kids have freaked out on the lovely animals and motifs coinciding with the animal kingdom theme. I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 days with you.
The best part was when each of you, except Charlie, claimed webbed hands (not feet)! when I gave you the beautification task …. but ……. the way things blossomed thereafter …… you didn’t work with those hands, you worked with your hearts and your love and zest is so apparent in the work you have left behind. Will send you the photos in lots. The first one is attached.
Am sending in this mail to all who gave their addresses. Do still share in case there are some bounces. Am game to keeping in touch if you wish.
 Best regards               …………………….  

 Col Anil Alagh | General Manager-Corporate Social Responsibility


From our Swiss Group

Estimated Col Anil Alagh

I very much would like to thank for their reception in the school, the gift and the friendliness of everyone. For me, this was one of my best birthdays of my life. The rays of the children, the singing of two classes of "happy birthday", everything has touched me deeply. My wife and i were moved to tears. For your hard work in favor of disadvantaged children, we thank you very much an wish you continued strength in this work. We would like to send you a further sum of money for the NGO school, you have a bank account? Thank you for your answer.

Kind regards from switzerland-Patricia und Martin Willimann


From the Volunteer Group to Cankids

From: Fiona Alton []
Sent: Sunday, October 27, 2013 1:58 PM
To: Anil Alagh
Subject: Re: Your Cankids experience

Hi Anil
Thank you for your email.
Just a quick note to say it was an honour to meet you and your team and an absolute pleasure to help out in the HAFH. I have memories that will stay with me for life. 
I have passed on your details to my sister in law's church committee and sincerely hope that they chose your charity to help in the future. 
Kind regards
Fiona …. (The cupboard painter) :) 

Sent from my iPhone

On 26 Oct 2013, at 09:36, Anil Alagh <> wrote:
Guess I got the IDs wrong…. Cheers


Col Anil Alagh | General Manager-Corporate Social Responsibility


From the Melbourne Girls School Group

Dear Colonel Anil,

Yes, we are definitely all home and are busy involved in the final term of the school year.

It was such a wonderful experience for everybody in India but we have had little time to reflect on it. I must say, though, that the Ladli Orphanage was a pivotal moment in our sojourn and we are very grateful for the time and effort you showed to us. We want to maintain contact with you and continue our support for the children.

Interestingly, yes, I did receive your email whilst in India with all the photos attached. I replied to you expressing our gratitude but a few days later I received notification from the email server that my reply was not delivered to you. I have no idea what happened but rest assured we got the photos and are very grateful for them. Hopefully this email will go through.

I look forward to continued communication, Anil.

Best regards,



From: Anil Alagh []
Sent: Thursday, 10 October 2013 3:45 PM
To: Damien Luscombe
Subject: RE: Aus Students at Jhag 30 Sept 2013

Dear Mr Damien,

Trust you are all back in Aus from your sojourn.
Have you received the mail below and the photographs attached, or should I re-send them? Hope the children enjoyed their Jhag visit? Would love it if you can share their experience with me.
Brgds                  ………………


Col Anil Alagh | General Manager-Corporate Social Responsibility


Hello Anil

I just wanted to say thank you for your extremely kind words in the email below and for all the encouragement, support and help you gave us whilst we were at the project.

I will never forget my experience at CanKids and you are to thank for a lot of this for driving us so hard to get the results we did to help make a difference. The hours of sweating and painting were all worth it when we had the party with the children on the Tuesday afternoon and I was reminded just how much a difference our small little paint job could make.

You will not be shocked to hear that I am still crying everytime I think about what we accomplished...I had my first day back at work today and lost count of the amount of times I cried whilst talking about it.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you helped us to achieve. I hope to stay in touch.
Best wishes
Tall baby Rachael :)


Dear Anil,
it certainly will stay with me forever. On the last night we asked everyone to tell us about the best part of the trip and the worst – without fail CanKids was everyone’s highlight of the trip.

I do have some notes that I want to type up and send to you and Dom is also going to give you access to our Dropbox folder so you can share everyone’s photos as well.

Once again thank you for providing us with the opportunity of working with such an amazing cause and group of people.

Kindest regards,



Ah Anil! Thank you so much for your kind words! Everyone loved the time we spent at CanKids & delighted to have been able to help just the little bit they did. And you have 19 big fans.

We have survived the overnight train & spent the afternoon in Daramshala buying beads, scarves, cushion covers, baubles & pots, where you suggested. Tomorrow the trek challenge begins!

Thanks for emailing everyone & sending great pics. You are a true gentleman with a wonderful soul.

I'll mail over some of my photos when back next week!

Victoria :)


Dear Cod,

Please accept my apologies for not answering sooner. Our Easter recess has only just begun, and I tend to open my mailbox less frequently.

Allow me to thank you on behalf of our group for the heartfelt welcome you extended to us on our visit to your organization. Meeting the girls which fate has entrusted to your benevolent protection was truly a unique experience in kindness, generosity and devotion to the cause of humanity , which both my colleagues and our students enjoyed to the full.

Indeed, our students were unanimous in claiming that this was the highlight of our trip to India - precious moments shared with your wards whose memory is to be cherished back home. We were all thoroughly delighted by the warm reception, not to mention the lunch which was voted the most delicious and convivial on our trip.

Thank you again for making our trip to India so much more worthwhile , and for the lovely pictures which I shall not fail to forward to our students.

Warm regards,

Laurence MIDLER


Dear Col Alagh ,

It was indeed a great pleasure to meet you and your team including Dimple Singh who have been consistently and constantly supporting us .Thank you for always promoting the cause and the products made by our trainees . Sale of 47 paintings in one go is really amazing , and would not have been possible without your personal involvement and efforts . All the money raised will help us organise another painting workshop with our Artist from Switzerland in October this year. Hope you can visit us during the workshop this time and see the little artists creating these colorful creations. i really appreciate your involvement with all the NGOS your company has adopted. Any CSR program can only be successful when it comes from the heart and for you it does , this is the biggest reason for such successful projects you have build in such short duration. You have been a such a dependable friend of Umang, loved by the children . Do convey our gratitude to your management . We look forward to our association in future .

Deepak Kalra and all of us at Umang

Thank you so much for these and for arranging the match; as you say it went very well. It was certainly one of the highlights of our trip!

We would love to come again as India has made a deep impression on us all.

T. Makhzangi,
Head of Politics,
Uppingham School,
Uppingham, Rutland, LE159QE, England, UK.

Dear Anil

Many thanks for introducing me to Shaping Lives and the work you do to link people/organisations to such good work being done to support those in need. Thanks too to Sanjeev for making such a connection.

I very much appreciated learning about this aspect if Go India's work. Your network of NGOs in and outside of Delhi may provide opportunities for our forthcoming programs.

My colleague in Australia, Rene Landsman st the Asia Education Foundation, will be the person who co-ordinates these interactions. I have ccd her into this email and will brief her on my return in February.

I do hope that this will lead to opportunities for our educators to interact, learn, give and share during their program in India.

Thank you for taking me around yesterday, your enthusiasm for the people and the organisations is infectious!

My best wishes with your valuable work.

Kind regards


Dear Col Alagh ,

Reference to email below ! I know , I am little late to write this email to you on behalf of everyone of 23rd Know India Programme Participant (36 Young Indian Disapora Youth) , Now finally would like to pen down and extend a BIG thanks to you to organize this visit on 29th December 2012 at The Earth Saviour Foundation.

I have been continuously receiving emails from the participants from almost countries and they are really touched by this organization . Moreover keep asking whether the concerned person has been allotted the land to them or not , which is quite touching.

Each one of them came back with excellent memories and even in the booklet which we prepare for this event we had added this visit as well . Shall send you few copies of same.

While meeting with the Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs (Shri. Vyalar Ravi) they have mentioned that they are really grateful as they got a chance to meet with the people of this NGO and they had spent great quality time there.

Thanks once again for all your help.

Warm Regards,

Vandan Sharma


Dear Louise,

It was a pleasure to meet you and Julia yesterday at Noida. The immediate result has been your wonderful ‘Xmas Muffin’ initiative by your team. What I appreciate more is that, despite your busy schedules, you came in yourself early morning to lead by example and give the TUI initiative the necessary fillip.

rgds and best wishes for Xmas and 2013


Dear Anil

The pleasure was all ours. It was an honour to spend the time at the Earth Saviours Foundation and to meet Ravi and some of the people he cares for. Thanks again for making it possible.

I look forward to planning future events during January.

Merry Christmas and happy new year, Louise





Sanjay Malhotra | Senior Vice President MINTCENTIVE

Dear Col Sahib,

One of our groups consisting of 66 people from Mondelēz International – world's largest chocolatier, biscuit baker and candy maker, visited Deepalaya on 5th of Dec’ 2012. The whole visit and the contents was planned well and superbly executed. Each one of them came back with some excellent memories. Kids performed 02 English Songs followed by 02 dance performances. Everyone enjoyed the Dance performances and almost all the guests were there on the stage dancing along with the kids.

In fact the group wanted to spend some more time with the kids but since few of them were flying back same evening, we had to bring them back to their hotel. Many gifts were handed over to the kids.

Kind regards
Sanjay Malhotra


Ms. Lindi Cheng (the Hong Kong Group Manager)who visited Deepalaya Gram

Greetings from Hong Kong!

In its fledgling state, the Foundation values the smallest inputs or feedbacks in our attempt to ensure good karma experiences for our clients and NGOs. download them directly. Overall speaking, for such a short period of visit, your arrangements had provided us a very thorough understanding on the works of NGO Deepalaya and the lives of village people. It is appreciated; we could have more time spent with the children next time as this will mean a lot to our participants.
Thank so much for your arrangements in Deepalaya.


Elephant Polo match : Executive Director, Disha

Jan. 15th 2011 was a day out for the special children of Disha. It indeed was a memorable day for them. The feeling of joy was immense when they were welcomed ceremoniously at the Dera Amer Polo ground by the elephants. The activities followed one after another and the awe continued from feeding bananas to the elephant to the welcome drinks, camel cart ride, kite flying, elephant polo and concluded into delicious lunch and desert.

The open surroundings of Dera Amer grounds, the sunny day and the blue sky up above added to the joy of the children. Such exposure was new to most of the children which made it a lifetime experience. They all forgot about their disability for those hours of outing and the social interaction provided them an atmosphere of inclusion which has a positive long lasting impact on them. They also gain confidence when they received importance from people who are strangers to them. It thaws apprehension and fear of meeting new people in them which in long term helps them in social interaction.

Thanking you ever for such valuable contribution to the lives of special children.

With Best Regards,
Rainu Singh
Executive Director, DISHA


Umang - An initiative towards rehabilitation of disabled person

Thank you so much for the wonderful time you gave to our students on 15th January. They enjoyed the elephant polo, for most of them it was for the first time that they saw an elephant so close or watched a polo match. They were very excited and shared their experiences with their other classmates.

We really appreciate the interest and involvement of the Le-passage staff who came all the way from Delhi to be with us. lt made us feel really special. Your interaction with the children was so honest and warm that they accepted you so well and did not want to say bye to you. I was very touched with the way you tried to take care of even little detail to make them comfortable. They are really looking fon/vard to their trip to Delhi.

Thank you for sponsoring Megha and Yuvraj. Receipts of the cheques are enclosed herewith along with certificate of tax exemption under 80 G of the Income Tax Act, in case it is useful.

With many thanks and warm regards,

Yours sincerely,







Messages after Flight of Fantasy

"I want to thank everybody for giving me this chance to fly like a Bird";

"Even after reaching the airport I could not believe that we were going to Jaipur, that to on an airplane, and then the moment came which was once just a dream";

"I could not believe my ears, when our teacher told us that we are going to Jaipur by plane, I thought he was joking. I asked again ‘how are we going’ and he said ‘Plane’, after that I was so thrilled that I just couldn’t stop dancing and singing. And I waited anxiously for this day since then";

"We sat on a plane for the first time and everything seemed so tiny when we looked out of our windows";

"I felt a strange happiness in my heart as I reached the airport. I never thought that I could ever sit in an airplane to go so far, I always dreamt of it. And finally my dream of sitting in a plane came true";

"We had a lot of fun in these two whole days, thank you so much for this tour".

"I am amazed to see the most luxurious excursion organized by your Foundation, that made the children feel so special. Your personal concern and love for these children is commendable and phenomenal and we all at ‘I-India’ salute you and this nouvelle endeavour of your Foundation".

"Thank you for organizing the most exciting excursion ‘Flight to Fantasy’ for the special children of Disha. The children have come back with so much joy and excitement which seems to know no limits. This trip is going to mean a lot in their lives and apart from the enjoyment , will add abundantly to their knowledge and confidence level . We highly appreciate the compassion that you have towards the special children and by translating it into the beautiful and exciting events like the polo match and Fantasy Flight".

"The children were so enamoured by your love and affection that they have accepted you as part of their large Umang family".

Visit to NGO by Travel Partners - Hands Up Holidays

It was fantastic - thank you so much for taking the time to show us these wonderful projects!

It was a privilege to meet you as well! I look forward to working further with you on this.

Yours in Adventures With Heart

Christopher Hill
Chief Experience Officer


Visit to NGO Akshar

It was indeed very nice to have the the group of visitors from Iceland.  

We are thankful to you for donating the computer,the chocolates, toffees and the gifts which were highly appreciated by the children.  This computer will help us in achieving our goals towards computer literacy in Akshar school. 

Thanking you once again for all your support.

Akshar Family

Gifting of paintings to Venezuelan fam …

The evening was appreciated by one and all. For some clients, it was the highlight of the trip to have spent an afternoon with such a talented bunch of kids. Please convey our sincere thanks to both Umang & Disha. For all the group members, it was their first ever interaction with such kids. As you may have noticed during the afternoon, most of the guests got really emotional but it was more of joy than anything else.

The children have expressed great happiness and seek many encores of such events, and have decided to bring large bags next time to store the huge chocolate stocks gifted to them at each event, said the Umang Director. She has however admonished us, as well stating 'stop spoiling our children so much .... they have fallen in love with your Foundation and the affection and care you bestow on them'. We are elated to be so admonished.


World Environment Celsions 02-05 Jun 2011

Some of the comments in the morning were, ‘this is soooo unique’, ‘ what a brilliant idea to green a tree and send a message simultaneously’, ‘I wish your efforts a grand success’, ‘hope to see more events by your foundation’, etc etc.

The evening events saw guests saying, ‘I always wanted to try my hand at pottery, thanks so much’, ‘can I really take this tulsi home as free of cost! You are great’, ‘why can’t you have such beautiful events every month’, ‘thanks Sir, I remembered my ancestral village again today as I was doing the pottery, I will never forget you people’, ‘I hope you are here tomorrow too, I want to get my friends also’, ‘can I take one extra tulsi for my friend please’, ‘our 2 year old has been boasting to everyone that he has done pottery ever since he came home from your event. Thanks so much’ and many more such expressions of inner peace and pleasure.



JAL visit of 09-11 Nov

JAL visit of 09-11 Nov

JAL visit of 09-11 Nov U/M

Dear Mr.Col Anil Alagh
Thank you for your email and photographs.
It was wonderful to meet and spend time with you.
Thanks to your invaluable assistance, we've completed the project.
Mr. Iseya and Mr. Satoru said that they had really good experience in India.
I appreciate your cooperation.
Of course, I will send the 'skyward' magazine in which this India trip and these meetings are covered.
I am grateful for your continuous support.

Yours sincerely,

Dear Col. Alagh,
Everyone at Samanvai Art Gallery, Jaipur, was overawed by the presence of Mr. Y.Iseya and the team from JAL. He struck us as not only an excellent artist but also a very affable person . Later , his visit to Akshar school in the Kachhi Basti of Kathputlinagar left an undeliable mark on the little minds because of the way Mr. Iseya as well as you interacted with the kids who are not used to frequent visitors to their school . On behalf of the Samanvai team and the Akshar family, I thank Le Passage Travel Foundation
and your kind self for your visit and for providing such a rich experience to all concerned. It was very good to know that Mr. Arjun Sharma liked that simple art work. It would be a privilege to have him over to our place in Jaipur and hopefully he will find our small collection of art works interesting.

Once again, thank you for the visit and hope to see you soon again.

Warm Regards
Reeta Kuhad
Samanvai Art Gallery

Dear Col Anil Alagh,
Dear sir,
First of all thank you very much on the behalf of Jal photogrphy team .It was very well organized and end successfully.
Because of your earnest efforts I and the le passage greatly appreciated by the Jal team. I thank you again for utmost effort and opportunity to work with you.

Japanese Interpreter and Guide


Shaping lives in TUI Travel annual Report & request for logo

Dear Arjun Sharma, dear Col Anil Alagh

I would like to congratualte you for your award in the TUI Travel Sustainability Communication Awards. I feel really happy for you being one of the 4 businesses awarded within the whole TUI Travel Group!

I will ensure that your award is communicated to all our colleagues at A&D sector.

I don't need to mention how proud I feel for having the chance of working with you!

With my very best regards,

Arantxa Garcia
Head of Sustainable Development
A&D Sector - TUI Travel PLC


Support to Special Unit

Dear Col Anil Alagh

I would like to thank you and LPTI for the support extended to the Special Unit at Sanjay Colony through gifting a computer.

It would be a great help to Speech and Hearing Impaired students in their learning phase.

Thanks again for everything

Sangeeta Kardam


SGOA LPTI Anthony Pires

Dear Sir,

I am indeed very grateful to you for your kindness and generous expressed in the act of giving. It was very thoughtful of you to organize the Chief Guest and his escort and transportation besides generously sending us the beret caps from Delhi for our new school band. Thank you being so generous towards us and more than meeting our wish list.

This generous act of yours will be engraved in our grateful hearts and we will always remember you in our orayers.

May God bless you with His lov as you keep spreading His goodness through your generous ways.

A very merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012.

With Love
Sr Claret Varela sfn


Thanks for the visit to Amer

Dear Col Alagh ,
I write this on behalf of all the students who went for the day long picnic organised by you on behalf of Le passage on 13th jan to Amber fort and Jal mahal . The students had a wonderful time . For some it was their first visit to Amber ,for those who had visited before but never had a proper guide explaining the history and significance of the monument, it was like rediscovering Amber.Tapasvi mentioned he now likes Amber much more as it has become very interesting with so many stories . Thanks for introducing them to their city.They were spoilt as usual with lots of food and gifts . For Salman it was his first daylong outing and iam told he loved it and did not hurt anyone or make any effort to run away .His mother almost chocked telling me how she could never think of giving such a wonderful time to her son , it sure was freedom for him after days of being locked up .Frankly I was hesitant to send him initially , it was your trust in him that gave us the confidence to do so and Iam so glad we did .God bless you for accepting and respecting all the children and your trust in their ability . Please convey our gratitude to all your team and Le passage for this memorable day .The students have made some paintings of their visit and written their experiences that i will be mailing you soon . Thanking you all once again , with regards , Deepak Kalra , director , Umang , Jaipur.

Big Thanks from Ladli/I-India

Dear Col. Anil Alagh,
Greetings from I-India/Ladli, Jaipur!
Hope you are doing well and enjoying the beginning of New Year, 2012. We take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratefulness towards the phenomenal efforts of Foundation Shaping Lives and Luxe India for raising support and awareness for the cause of street and working children of Jaipur, India. We at I-India/Ladli, sincerely appreciate the generosity of your team and company for its great concern and commitment towards social projects!
It is indeed a pleasure and matter of great pride that your foundation and Luxe India in particular is continuously considering to promote Ladli products (Ladli bags, Gift Box etc.) as a part of their corporate gifts. Truly it is a great initiative and very kind gesture to disseminate the worthy cause and mission of I-India/Ladli. Your effective marketing and promotion startgey is strenghtening and sustaining our projets to facilitate training and livelihood opportunity for children in need of care and protection and most importantly impacting the lives of children and transforming them into responsible and economically empowered citizen.

We are simply blessed and lucky enough to have friends and supporters like you. Once again a big salute to our exclusive and only supporter from travel and hospitality sector!!

Thank you on behalf of I-India/Ladli team, board and most importantly, by target group- children of Jaipur, India. Hopefully, by our joint efforts and commitment we will be able to provide these children with a place to grow, learn and feel safe for many more years

Best regards,

Abha-Prabhakar Goswami



Japanese TV shoot

Dear Col Alagh,
A few days ago  another  team of a Japanese  TV  channel visited Samanvai Art Gallery and interviewed artist Chandrashekhar  once again and imformed that it would be carried in the Japanese airline's on Flt TV. Then they covered Akshar's Vidyashram branch and interviewed me to get the history and present functioning  of Akshar. They even want to donate some amount to the school.  Thanks to you and Le Passage Travel Foundation for triggering and generating such an  interest in Akshar and Samanvai Art Gallery,Jaipur. In the hearts of the people of Japan. Thank you once again, on behalf of the Management Members , teachers and students of Akshar. 
With regards
Reeta kuhad    







Thanks from UMANG

Dear Col Alagh,
everyone at LuxeIndia and Le passage , It is over a year when Col Alagh visited umang and shared how the company wished to support NGOs in Jaipur and Agra .The one day interaction of all NGOs and your staff got us a step closer to you all and see a sincerity in your promise to help us in any way we like . Iam really glad we asked you for outings , picnics , outstation tours as no one could have done it better .It has been an unending series of fun filled days with you all . Starting with the elephant polo on 15th Jan 2010 , to flight of fancy the Trip to Delhi by air and picnics ,parties, the latest being day out to Amber fort and jalmahal . During the first outing which was Elephant Polo organised by Luxe India we could see how professional you were . Each and every need of the children was so meticulously taken care of , but what touched us the most was personal touch to every thing . The staff of Luxe India came specially for the event from Delhi and attended to the children .You have spoilt us with so much love , care and gifts . you make the children feel really special and they really look forward to being with you . In fact every time Col Alagh visits Umang there is so much joy and hope .The children just adore him and want to know where they are going next . I appreciate this personal involvement and feel it has not only been a memorable experience for us but it has also helped us touch some lives . The reaction of some of the guests we met during the outings made us feel we have made more than friends in fact we have many more ambassadors for our cause who can speak for the children not only here
but anywhere they go .Your friendship is very precious to us and we look forward to many more memorable moments with you all .

Thanking you on behalf of all of us at Umang .
With regards deepak kalra


Mrs Kalra (UMANG)

Dear col Alagh,
Just mailed you some pictures of salman at home in his special chair , playing with sensory toys given to him from the 4000rs given by Le passage for his personal use . His mother requested for chair with table top rather than table and chair as it would take less space and fit in his one room house .The bag you see has to be filled with weights and strapped to his back , there are sensory mats he is walking on and some light and sound equipment . As you will notice his mother has been trained to work with him . We could also squeeze in a pair of shoes with everything else in the given amount . He now wears shoes to school . earlier due to sensory defense he would not wear anything in his feet . do share this with others at your wonderful organisation who have been so interested and involved in the welfare of the children . Your support means a lot to us.

On behalf of Salman`s family i wish to thank each and every one of you


Chintan Receives First Ever US Innovation Award

Dear Col Anil

Excelent news! I have read the article regarding the award and it’s just great. Congratulations to Chintan for this, well done!

I will inform my colleagues at Group SD.

Thank you very much for sharing this information with me.

Have a great day.
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