Parichay: Project Arman Interaction with Public Schools

Project Arman has taken a leap in faith this year with the introduction of our confidence building programme for the children called "Parichay". This initiative was titled ‘Parichay’ which means ‘introduction’, being the first of a planned series of interactions with children from the Salwan Montessori School, New Delhi. Envisioned and facilitated by the Le Passage Travel Foundation, Parichay, we believe, will be a meaningful step in our endeavour to bring the children out from the confines of their basti classrooms and give them an exposure to their peer group in mainstream society.

The first ‘Parichay’ was held in Sept 2010 for the Project Arman children, and was dedicated to cultural and sporting activities that saw the kid’s blossom, perform and at most times outshine their Salwan hosts. Children from both schools intermingled with zest. While the events saw fierce competition, the visible bonhomie off the field brought many smiles to all of us at the Foundation & Chintan.

We are certainly believe that the children brought back indelible memories from this interaction, as they fostered new friendships and bonds. A new chapter of Parichay will open in 2011 as the Project Arman children play host to their Salwan friends in their Project Arman Centre.

This joint effort of Le Passage Travel Foundation and Chintan’s has enabled Project Arman to reach out into larger communities. Our intention of helping the children gain confidence and belief in their capabilities saw the light of day through this interaction. We will continue to work with them so as to try and create a secure future and encourage them to achieve a better life through determination and hard work.











Diwali Celebrations 2010: Project Arman

A bright winter evening in the festive Diwali season, is something the Project Arman children
look forward to each year, as it is their special celebration time. Each year, Le Passage Travel Foundation hosts a gala evening for these children.

In 2010, the celebrations were done on November 3, at the lush green Sunder Nagar lawns in South Delhi. The event had a fun atmosphere for the kids with bouncies, tattoo artists, hair stylists and a magician to entertain them. The DJ belting out Bollywood chart busters had the children swaying to his beats… their squeals and delight soon turned to loud eloquent expressions of joy as the evening progressed. The candy floss man had his hands full and as food was laid out, the entire volunteer team of the Foundation was on their toes, meeting demands of extra helpings and assistance by our esteemed guests numbering over a hundred. It is truly, the spirit of giving and compassion that prevailed all around at Diwali celebrations, as the children enjoyed a carefree evening with all of us.

The joyous evening saw the children play many party games like musical chairs and statue with the winners getting prizes like cricket bats and badminton rackets. The evening ending with warm diwali wishes and goodbyes that included individual gifts of woolens for the oncoming winter to all the children. It was indeed very heartwarming for the Sharma Family and the Foundation team to receive the very special gifts of the lovely handmade ‘diyas’ (terracotta and wax candles), especially made by the children for us.

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