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"Posted by Shaping Lives travel desk - May 2011"

"They are not just the present, but a fascinating hope for the future."

We invited our guests to spend some time with 14 physically and mentally challenged students from our partner NGOs - Umang and Disha Foundation. The occasion was made all the more special, as they were presented paintings done by these children as a memoir to take back home.

The guests were so overwhelmed on being informed of the proposed ceremony, that all of them ran back to their hotel rooms and brought back chocolates and gifts for these beautiful children. The paintings were simply amazing; all the guests had a tough time to choose what to take and what to leave behind. Because every painting was so wonderfully made and with great artistry!

It was an emotional experience for all as tears ran down their eyes. It wasn't a moment of sadness but of joy, happiness and a feeling that nothing is impossible to achieve in this world. And this has been shown to us by these brilliant little ones with their sheer dedication and grit to fight against all adversities. Hundreds of photographs in every possible pose and with every one of the children were clicked. The warmth was such that the children, who are generally reclusive and withdrawn, volunteered themselves and expressed eagerness to meet and talk to each of us. A special painting was also additionally delivered by Umang the next day, on demand of one of our colleagues who wanted to take home two of them!

While every event the Le Passage Foundation has organized so far, it has exuded warmth and brought smiles to all these special children. Distances, barriers, disabilities, all seemed to stand still in that hour of togetherness. All that has been visible on each face was love, care and mutual respect for each other. It was a moment of jubilation. Time for all of us to stand up for a round of applause, recognizing the needs of these special children and that nothing is impossible for them to achieve. All they need from us is compassion, care and understanding.

A truly unforgettable time we had on our visit to Jaipur especially spending time with the children. Moments to cherish for today and tomorrow!

The children have expressed great happiness and seek many encores of such events, and have decided to bring large bags next time to store the huge chocolate stocks gifted to them at each event. She has however admonished us, as well stating 'stop spoiling our children so much .... they have fallen in love with your Foundation and the affection and care you bestow on them'. We are elated to be so admonished.

Director, Umang Foundation

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